When someone has become deeply entangled with alcohol or drugs, it’s a real challenge to break that addiction for good. Since it’s so easy for an individual to relapse into the old life that led to the addiction, it’s a good idea to find intensive outpatient care in Orange County during the transition from rehab to normal life. Here is what you can expect from this type of program.
Group Support
When you’re trying to change a habit a strong as an addiction, it’s important to have some form of group support. Outpatient care programs are built around the fact that individuals must reintegrate into their normal lives. To do this successfully, it helps if they know they’re not alone in their struggles. Meeting others who are going through the same battle can help you succeed.
Group sessions often mirror the principles of the 12-step sobriety program. The underlying principles are based on the fact that an individual can’t change from one moment to the next, but must do so in stages. It also helps to celebrate accomplishments with other people who understand the significance of it.
Career Counseling
An addiction can derail your entire life. It’s no surprise that many addicts who have hit rock bottom no longer have a career to fall back on. In some cases, they may not be able to practice their previous jobs because, for example, they lost their license. Others go through such great transformations after beating the addiction that they feel called to do something new.
Having someone to talk to about your future career can help. A career counselor from the recovery program can understand the unique challenges you face with certain professions and can help you make good decisions for your future.
Intensive outpatient programs are successful because they take a wider approach to healing. Instead of just treating the addiction, they teach the individual how to fight temptation. Finally, they help build a supportive network around the addict to give them new hold on life.