You aren’t alone in feeling like days drag by, your life full of mundane moment after mundane moment. Life during recovery can feel like this, sometimes. Dragging by, mundane, uninteresting. That isn’t how life was meant to be, and it isn’t how life has to be. It takes a little bit of work, but after a while, you’ll be able to recognize the miracles in your everyday life.

Be mindful when you wake up


When you wake up, take a moment, and lay with your hand resting on your chest or stomach. Feel yourself breathing. Count your breaths, and just enjoy those slow, mindful moments before you get out of bed. Those breaths are not something to take for granted, so taking a few moments to acknowledge them is the best way to start your day.


Listen to new music in the car


Music is so powerful, and can be such an important force in your daily life. Try mixing things up, and listen to some new music today. Whether that’s in your car on your way to work, while you’re doing the dishes, or cooking dinner. Ask friends for suggestions, explore new genres, and enjoy the uplifting way that music can make you feel.


Take note of 5 beautiful things you see daily


Noticing beauty and miracles in your life doesn’t happen overnight, you have to constantly work towards it. So, until that happens as a normal part of your life, you’ll have to make a conscious effort to notice it. Fake it til you make it, right? Take note of 5 beautiful things each day. If it helps you, write them down, on paper or in your phone. It could be a patch of wildflowers. A baby laughing. A well-made commercial on tv. A good song. A great meal. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make an effort to notice these things, whatever you find beauty or joy in.


Make an effort to speak to one different person each day


We can’t survive on our own, not emotionally. It’s normal to crave human interaction, and the reason being that it is important for your survival and emotional well-being. Reach out to someone each day, a friend, family member, coworker. It doesn’t have to be heartfelt, you could honestly be asking about an upcoming assignment, but make sure to make an effort everyday to reach out to someone you care about and share some human connection.