Back in the day, smoking a joint or a hash brownie was a few options to consume marijuana. However, these days we see the sheer range of options available for cannabinoids consumption. 

There are ointments, tinctures, gummies with the dash of CBD flavor. Dabs is the newest talk of the town for CBD fans. 

Weed dabs are made from the concentrated doses of dry herbs used for smoke or vaporize. It is extracted from THC and other cannabinoids using butane or carbon dioxide solvent, which releases sticky oils referred to as shatter, wax, butane hash oil, and budder. 

Smoking dabs is a traditional method, but the advancement in extraction methods have boosted its popularity. 

In this guide, we’ll share everything about dabs, how to make one, and how it works. 

Dabs: The Basic

Dabs are made of a potent solution and available in different forms. 

  • Shatter: A semi-transparent thin sheet looks like an amber glass. Butter: More of like peanut butter with a doughy consistency. 
  • Oil: A thick liquid with dark gold color. They are also known as 710 or honey oil. 
  • Live Resin: Made from fresh plants and comes in oil form. 
  • Wax: This often looks like brown sugar because of its crumbly, coarse substance. 

If you choose a dab, you may need some extra equipment. Some prefer regular weed bowl, while others want a specific dabbing rig. For dabbing, you place the concentrate on a hot surface and inhale the vapor that is created during the evaporation process. Here’s a quick look at three common devices that you can use for dabbing. 

Oil Rigs: A classic piece of dabbing equipment designed explicitly for weed use consists of nail, holder, and dome attached to a water pipe. The concentrate is placed in the holder, you heat the nail with a torch and set the dome in place. The red-hot nail creates the vapor after it meets the concentrate. You inhale the smoke produced from the oil rig. There are domeless nails which are preferable as you don’t have to replace or remove the dome every time. 

Vaporizers: From cheaper vape pens to expensive desktop models, there are different forms of vaporizers available. Vaporizers come with a heating element that heats the concentrate to the right temperature. Wax, oil, or shatter works best with vaporizers. 

Atom Bomb Rigs: They combine the benefits of vaporizers and water pipes. You add the concentrate in an atomizer, and the heated device warms the dab creating vapors. You inhale the vapor from a water pipe. 

The effects of Dabs- 

While the argument is still on how a dab vs. weed high. Some people believe that dabs don’t make them high as a weed. Hence, they intake excessive concentrate, which results in a severe penalty. The most crucial benefit of dabbing is control, as you can control the dosage as per your preference. 

  • At the start, it is advisable to experiment with small-batch/dosage specifically for concentrate as they’re four times stronger than dry herb.
  • Buy from a reputable source, because dabs quality differs from purity and strength to extraction method. 
  • Clean your dabbing device after every use. You can also use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Use water for the final rinse. 
  • Follow the storage recommendations mentioned in the user guide to avoid contamination. 
  • Try to test if dabbing is your thing before you purchase any expensive equipment. 

The classic method of the smoking joint is a popular way to get high as you can quickly determine the dosage and decide which strain to pick depending on CBD or THC content. Around 60% of the THC can enter your blood plasma, and you can feel peak concentrations in just 10 minutes. 

While THC concentrations vary due to different extraction processes, it is essential to understand that a weak dab is far stronger than a dry herb. In simple terms, 80% of THC concentrated wax is eight times stronger than a 10% dry herb. 

So how much weed do we need to make one gram of dabs or an ounce of dabs? It depends on various factors such as THC percentage, including- 

  • The plants were grown outdoors or indoors. 
  • Extraction method
  • Type of weed strain
  • When was the plant harvested?
  • The amount of time the solvent was in contact with the material 

The answer is- around 16.66 grams of weed is needed to make one gram of dabs. THC concentration in a dab range between 70% and 90%. Even the weakest THC or cannabinoids dabs are triple the potency of the strongest weed strains. 

Dabs’ flavor tastes like marijuana strains depend on where they are extracted from. They sometimes taste like vaporized weed. Here are a few things to notice when sampling dabs- 

  • Aroma: it should have a weed-like smell. Avoid dabs with a foul, pungent odor. 
  • Texture: a good quality hash oil has a syrupy texture, while concentrated CBD strains are more crystalline. 
  • Appearance: Shatter will look like stained glass, while hash oil resembles light maple syrup, and crumble related to a honeycomb look. 
  • Taste: it should taste like weed. If it feels like solvents, then you have a bad quality product. 

Dabbing: Pros vs. Cons


  • Dabs are better for your health as compared to weed because of a clean hit. A dry herb smoke ends up as tar in your lungs because of combusted plant material. Concentrates eliminate this material, which results in lower levels of tar and greater health benefits. 
  • As cooler vapor burns at a lower temperature as a dry herb, it is much smoother and easier on the throat and lungs. 
  • Dabbing is the most effective and fastest way to use cannabis for medical reasons. 
  • There are fewer chances of second-hand smoke during a dabbing. 


  • As concentrates are potent, you consume an excessive amount of THC. The high is faster and stronger, and more hallucinogenic compared to a weed high. 
  • For dabbing, specialized equipment is recommended, which is expensive. 
  • Dry herb is better when storage is concerned. You can store it in an airtight container, in a glass, or a Ziploc bag for a month. When it comes to dabs, it is difficult to store as each type of concentrate has different storage restrictions. Storing concentrate incorrectly can lead to air contaminants. 

Final Word 

We don’t have a winner in the dabs versus weed battle. Dabs are incredibly powerful, but Federal law enforcement officials regulate them. Concentrates offer the potent and fastest way to consume marijuana, and you can decide the type of dab you want to go with- shatter, wax, oil, or resin. Also, a good quality dab rig is recommended to enjoy the best concentrates.