There are a lot of components in residential addiction care that all work together to help the person struggling with addiction to make the change in their life. One of those elements is psychotherapy. There are numerous reasons as to why this is such an essential aspect of drug rehabilitation.
Understanding Triggers
There are often triggers in your life that result in you using drugs or alcohol, and without getting to the bottom of these triggers, there’s a chance that you could relapse. Some common triggers include social habits, anger, stress, guilt, anxiety, depression, and more. Learning about your specific triggers one-on-one with a psychotherapist can help you develop ways to handle them once you go back to life outside a treatment center.
Behavioral Changes
There are many people that are dealing with addiction today because of something in their past that has fueled their addiction. Psychotherapy can be helpful in finding links between those things that happened in the past and how they impact your current behavior. This information is another area where self-knowledge can be beneficial in breaking old habits.
Coping Mechanisms
For many addicts, the coping mechanisms that they used in the past were destructive and kept them in deep within their addiction. Psychotherapy can be beneficial in that it helps teach better and more positive coping mechanisms to use when challenges arise in life. Not having successful coping mechanisms in place can often lead to a relapse when times get tough.
Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
Some addicts can often find that they are lacking in self-empowerment due to a lack of confidence in themselves and their self-worth. Psychotherapy can often help addicts get in touch with their emotions as they can often share with a third party without worry.
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