The Holidays can be filled with a plethora of feelings and emotions. For some of us, the holiday season can overwhelm us. We have to remember that we got sober to live a full life and not to jeopardize our recovery. Here are 10 tips I personally use to help me have a jolly time during the holidays.

1. Whether you are 24 hours sober or 24 years sober, enjoy yourself. You did not get sober to be unhappy. Embrace this journey hour by hour if needed.

2. Do not set yourself up for failure. If you can drive yourself to the holiday party or family events do so. You do not need to explain why you do not drink. If you feel uncomfortable, leave.

3. Keep a list of recovery friends’ numbers on speed dial. Always good to reach out and just check-in for yourself and see how others in recovery are doing during the holidays.

10tips for a sober holiday season

4. Meeting makers make it. Hit a few more meetings this season; this will never hurt your recovery, it will only give you additional strength and support.

5. Take time to give back or volunteer. Spend a day at the homeless shelter and help serve food or just sit and share your experience, strength and hope with another person.

6. During the holiday season, we tend to get consumed with purchasing the most expensive gifts and we get in over our heads and feel overwhelmed. The point of the holiday season is to spend quality time with either friends or family and create positive moments and memories.

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7. Eat and enjoy, sleep and rest, do not let others or simple tasks get you angry and try not to be alone. Practice HALT: Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or

8. Drop the mask. If you are feeling uncomfortable share that with another person.

9. Stay away from toxic people.

10. Do not over complicate the holiday season. You got to this point, take a deep breath and exhale. You made it.