A Better Life Recovery Testimonials

This program saved my life and showed me that people do care and showed me life skills that I use on a daily basis.I have been to several programs and this is the one that finally worked.

Andrew M.
San Clemente CA

A Better Life Recovery is a treatment center that truly has it's clients best interest at heart! It's so refreshing (with the recovery saturation in Orange County) to see a program that is genuine, organized, and passionate. Of course, it also helps that their location is ridiculously beautiful and serene.

If you or a loved one is looking to get help, make A Better Life Recovery your #1 choice! You'll thank me later ;)

Lauren B
Costa Mesa, Ca

A Better Life is an Intensive Outpatient Program that really cares about their clients. They saved my life and taught me the skills to work a real program in the real world.

There are rehabs and IOP's throughout Southern California that are just in it for your insurance. I've seen this staff do things, pay for things, and spends their off hours caring so much more than any other rehab.

It is truly remarkable how much "A Better Life" cares for their patients!

Thomas I.
Chandler, AZ

Best in Orange County. It's great to see a program that works and cares about the clients as individuals. I definitely recommend to those looking for help.

Katie R.

This program saved my fathers life. After struggling with alcohol and drug problems, and being in two other rehab programs. This program by far is the most helpful and caring program out there. I would definitely recommend A Better Life Recovery!

Adrianna J.
Buena Park, CA

Very thankful for A Better Life Recovery for steering my brother on to the right track.

Brian R.
Mission Viejo, CA

They include you in major decisions, so you know it's not about the money to them. Wouldn't have been able to get sober without you guys!

Brandon P.

Great staff with experience, love, and passion to help anyone and everyone.

Dan A.

Best location and bang for your buck and great staff.

Kelli B.

An exceptional program for those needing and wanting a better life.

Jean Ann A.

Incredible program built and run by incredible professionals!

Blake K.

Awesome people with a great program! Helping a lot of people!

Cole E.

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