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San Juan Capistrano Rehabilitation Center

San Juan Capistrano Rehabilitation Center


As an Outpatient program, our services are only part of the equation. In order to ensure sustained progress individuals recovering from addiction must have access not only to the best treatment programs but also to reliable rehabilitation housing assets and an active recovery community at large.

Clients will have, at their disposal, the highest quality rehabilitation center in San Juan Capistrano, Southern California. "Quality" sober living certainly means a comfortable and attractive living environment. But it also means a highly structured, recovery-focused atmosphere that promotes responsibility, discipline, accountability and commitment.

Southern California

The San Juan Capistrano rehabilitation centers are located in Orange County California, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, a region famous for its year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, rugged hills and active lifestyle. Orange County is also widely known as a national "Recovery Destination."

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